It was 2009 when Glenda arrived.  She was a stray greyhound, scarred and dirty, wandering around a country road, unwanted and unloved.  She was the type of dog that wasn't going to get adopted; too old, too tired, but Glenda came to the right farm house.  Glenda got to live out the rest of her life in a warm house, with couches and dog beds, toys and treats, veterinary care, comfort, and dignity.  Glenda taught her people what living and dying with care and dignity really meant.  Glenda's Gift is the gift of comfort and love and a home for seniors and geriatrics who still have a good quality of life and just need a warm place to lay their head.  Glenda's Gift is the gift of a temporary stop for medical care on the way to a permanent, loving home.  Glenda's Gift is the gift of helping just one more, because they all matter.
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My name is Gertie. I'm a 9 year old, female, terrier mix. I was brought to Miami Dade Animal Services as a stray.  With my terrible skin problems and age, I didn't stand much chance of being adopted. The nice people at Glenda's Gift took me to their house, got my skin problems fixed, and are now looking to find me a forever home! I really like to play (with people and other dogs), particularly tug of war; it's my favorite! I occasionally like to sit on laps and am very friendly. I still need regular baths to keep my skin condition at bay, but I sit calmly in the bathtub when it's that time! Wouldn't you like to give me a home?

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