Gone, But Not Forgotten


Tabitha (aka Bunny) was our first rescue at Glenda’s Gift. On December 22, 2014, she was brought into Miami Dade Animal Services as a stray, but that seemed to be the least of her problems. She had a compound fracture in her right leg and was positive for three tick borne illnesses. Because the shelter in Miami doesn’t have an x-ray machine, the veterinary staff did not know the extent of her leg injury. They did know, however, that Tabitha was six years old because she had been at the shelter once before as an eight week old puppy. The details are sketchy about her five years in between, but suffice it to say, someone neglected her along the way. Glenda’s Gift pulled her from the shelter on January 2, 2015 and found out that she needed a plate put in her leg and that it basically had to be screwed back together. Once she was healed from surgery, we were planning on tackling the tick related disorders. The afternoon of January 13, she began acting lethargic and by evening she was having head tremors and appeared drunk when she walked. We met the vet at the clinic, where she and Joe tried to stabilize Tabitha for about 2 hours. The vet feared the worst and suggested overnight monitoring at the 24 hour emergency vet and an EKG in the morning. The emergency vet suggested the same, but unfortunately, she collapsed at 2:25 am, and died. To the best of their knowledge, she died from a heart worm related blood clot. Bunny will be forever remembered and always missed. Run free Bunny girl.


Lady was a 13 year old, Shepard mix who found herself in a high kill shelter after her guardian died. A family member of the deceased dropped her off at the shelter claiming her medical conditions were just too much to handle. Lady suffered from a condition called KCS, which resulted in chronic dry eyes and required drops and ointment approximately five times per day. After bringing her to Glenda's Gift, we also found out that Lady was deaf. She managed her environment well and seemed comfortable and happy. Lady is exactly the type of dog that Glenda's Gift strives to provide care for...through no fault of her own she found herself in a high kill shelter and would very likely not be adopted, despite her good quality of life.


Ginger was 15 years old and found herself at Glenda's Gift after family members were too sick to care for her. Her human dad died a few years ago and eventually Mom got too sick to care for her. She then went to live with their son and he ended up getting sick as well. He was diagnosed with cancer and given only months to live, so he started trying to find arrangements for Ginger. Glenda's Gift offered Ginger a place to live out her remaining time. It turns out that Ginger was a very young 15 and really enjoyed going on car rides and walks.