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Your donations make a life and death difference to the residents of Glenda’s Gift…literally! Most of our residents were pulled from high kill shelters where they only had days, or even hours, left to live. Most were passed by because they were too old or too sick. We are able to help these left behind souls because of your help. We do not take salaries at Glenda’s Gift and dedicate our lives to giving these animals comfort and care when they need it most. We donate our personal funds to cover the costs of office supplies, internet expenses, licenses and fees, etc. so that you can rest assured that 100% OF YOUR DONATION GOES TO DIRECT ANIMAL CARE. From all of us at Glenda’s Gift, thank you for your continued support.

Glenda’s Gift offers you various, easy ways to offer your financial support. Please consider the “Gift” of a one-time donation, becoming one of “Glenda’s Guardians” with a monthly recurring donation, or letting us know exactly where you’d like your donation to be spent (vet bills, food, a particular dog, etc).

We are a tax exempt 501c3, nonprofit corporation in the State of Florida.
Our IRS tax ID # is 47-2694310.

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Additionally, we offer our supporters the chance to “Gift” goods and money through online shopping.

Please consider shopping our Amazon Wishlist by clicking the banner above, or by clicking here provides a great opportunity for the online shopper to do all of his/her regular shopping, with a percentage of the proceeds going towards Glenda’s Gift. Our Igive page can be found by clicking the banner above, or by clicking here.